Chairperson’s Report

Firstly I would like to congratulate and thank all staff for their commitment and continued hard work throughout the year. It is never an easy task to keep any business operating let alone an organisation such as Waardi, given its complexities and the many demands placed upon it.

Waardi currently manages: Reading Recovery, LAPS, Building Babies Brains (B3), the distribution of benefits, project managing office renovations and the construction of eleven houses for Guumbar. Waardi is also in partnership with KPP in Morrgul and I note that the Board reappointed Donald (Bugsy) McKenzie to the Morrgul Board as our representative for another two years. Michelle Narustrang is our other Waardi representative on the Morrgul Board.

I would also like to thank the Board, Karen Koster, Allan Butson, Roslyn Dixon and Michelle Narustrang, for their loyal support and hard work throughout the year and to formally acknowledge Roslyn for her many contributions to the Board and to Waardi in general. This is Roslyn’s last AGM as Board member for now, her term has expired and she has sought not to reapply. Thank you Roslyn.

Roslyn will be replaced by Bernadette McKenzie, and I would like to welcome Bernadette to the Board. I also acknowledge the good work undertaken by the Guumbar Board and thank them for their commitment.

This year the Board has had to deal with several pressing matters arising out of normal business, such as renewing the CEO’s contract, amending the MOU, pre- planning the future direction and management of Waardi pre and post Native Title as well as monitoring the progress of the Native Title hearings and working upon future opportunities.

It has not been an easy ride this year and we had some hiccups along the way, which have been dealt with effectively and Waardi has come through, I believe, stronger and clearer in its vision for the future. The Board can now move forward, confident in the knowledge Waardi is viable and in good shape. I want to reassure members that Waardi is compliant in relation to the financials which is reflected in the 2015-16 audit report.

I want to also congratulate and thank you, the members, for your support, it was quite noticeable that zero tolerance numbers were extremely low this year. The Board and Staff are appreciative of your understanding and support of the processes and how important the seven day turnaround time is when processing applications. Waardi also acknowledged the importance of not creating further hardship, and had made allowances when processing applications in exceptional circumstances.

It is further pleasing to see membership growing to 550 members, we hope this trend will continue, and urge parents to encourage their eligible children to become members.
Frank ParrimanThank you,

Francis Parriman


16 November 2016