Our Board

The Steering Committee came into effect at the 26 November 2014 Waardi AGM, following the approval of the amendments to the Waardi Constitution. Each Family Group elects a representative to Steering Committee for a two year term, with half the positions becoming vacant at each AGM. The current Steering Committee representatives are as follows:

  • Alphonse Balacky for the Bornal Family Group (until 2018 AGM);
  • Joanine Howard for the Appolonia Family Group (until 2019 AGM);
  • Ainsley McKenzie for the Wallai William Family Group (until 2018 AGM);
  • Karen Koster for the Nelagumia Mary “Maudie” Family Group (until 2019 AGM);
  • Roslyn Dixon for the Frank Dixon Family Group (until 2019 AGM);
  • Gabrielle Rahman for the Keleregado Family Group (until 2019 AGM);
  • Philomela Lewis for the Milare Family Group (until 2018 AGM);

Following the approval of the amendments to the Waardi Constitution at the 2014 AGM, the WaaBoard was reduced in size to 5 Directors, consisting of 3 Community Directors and two Independent Directors.

The Waardi Board currently consists of:

Frank Parriman
Chairperson and Community Director (until 6 May 2018) 

Lindsay Greatorex
Community Director (until 31 December 2020)

Bernadette McKenzie 
Community Director (until 1 December 2018)

Christian Zahra
Independent Director (until 9 April 2020)

Arabella Douglas
Deputy Chair and Independent Director (until 10 July 2019)