Our Board

The Steering Committee came into effect at the 26 November 2014 Waardi AGM, following the approval of the amendments to the Waardi Constitution. Each Family Group elects a representative to Steering Committee for a two year term, with half the positions becoming vacant at each AGM. The current Steering Committee representatives are as follows:

  • Alphonse Balacky for the Bornal Family Group (until 2018 AGM);
  • Joanine Howard for the Appolonia Family Group (until 2017 AGM);
  • Ainsley McKenzie for the Wallai William Family Group (until 2018 AGM);
  • Karen Koster for the Nelagumia Mary “Maudie” Family Group (until 2017 AGM);
  • Roslyn Dixon for the Frank Dixon Family Group (until 2017 AGM);
  • Christine Hunter for the Keleregado Family Group (until 2017 AGM);
  • Philomela Lewis for the Milare Family Group (until 2018 AGM);
  • Philip Matsumoto for the Nyobing Babere Family Group (until 2017 AGM); 
  • Rosemary Marley for the Chimbore Sitocay Family Group (until 2018 AGM); and
  • CURRENTLY VACANT for the Paddy Roe Family Group (until 2018 AGM)

Following the approval of the amendments to the Waardi Constitution at the 2014 AGM, the WaaBoard was reduced in size to 5 Directors, consisting of 3 Community Directors and two Independent Directors.

The Waardi Board currently consists of:

Frank Parriman
Chairperson and Community Director (until 6 May 2017) 

Karen Koster
Vice Chair and Community Director (until 26 November 2017)

Bernadette McKenzie 
Community Director (until 1 December 2018)

Michelle Narustrang
Independent Director (until 15 March 2018)

Arabella Douglas
Independent Director (until 10 July 2019)